Why Choose Big Star Systems For Your Development Needs?

We possess the technical skills needed to develop systems that perfectly incorporates the features that your business requires. We are proud to announce to you that we are not newbies in this business as we understand the intricacies of the development process. Our understanding of the fierce competition in the marketplace propels us to give you systems equipped with unique features that will keep your shoulder high among your competitors. Simply put, your customers will have no choice than to stay glued to your products and services!

So why not allow our company to give you a positively unforgettable experience in systems development for maximum profit?

So why choose us to handle your systems development?

Be rest assured that you always will be in the know as we are committed to giving you the best customer service and support while we are working on your project and even after the launch. You are held in high esteem because we believe we are part of your team in bringing your ideas into reality. Our solid customer support after the completion of your project is one reason why you should allow us to handle your project.

Big Star Systems is the best bet for beautiful and mind-blowing systems. Our age-long experience and expertise in development are second to none and the numerous companies and start-up businesses that have partnered with us over the years is a solid proof that we are the best!


What sets Big Star Systems Apart?

Development Agency

Our focus and passion is creating Systems for Local Businesses, such as yours.

Forward Thinking

Our developers always think outside-the-box and find unconventional solutions for you.

Problem Solvers

Whatever your goal is, we are here to solve the problems and assist in every way possible.

Customer Support

We are here to support you every step of the way.

Your unending search for an Agency to portray your

brand or company has come to an end.

At Big Star Systems we provide the best service for design and development. We know what it takes to satisfy your cravings as far as your systems requirement is concerned. At Big Star Systems, it does not take us months to get your systems done with an astonishing user experience because we have a team of seasoned and experienced developers who are ready to work as part of your team for a fast delivery.

Big Star Systems delivers amazing products at affordable prices aimed at taking your business to the next level and reaching more customers to increase your profit margin. Our experience in this business is second to none as our works speak for us with testimonies pouring in from our existing customers who are bent on spreading the gospel of our good works as a compensation for a job well done.

With a Vast Experience Over the Years, we build the type of systems that are not Only Stunning in Design, but that have a great User Experience and can Ultimately increase your Bottom Line.  Won”t you give us an opportunity to turn your business around doing what we are good at?

Our Team

Eliezer Castanon

Eliezer Castanon


Over 30 years experience developing applications for businesses ranging from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 corporations.  He brings a wide range of skills in both the technical aspects and business management and marketing.  Under his leadership, we have become an industry leader.  He looks forward to assisting you in becoming profitable like never before.

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