At Big Star Systems we provide the best service in development. We know what it takes to satisfy your cravings as far as your development requirements are concerned. At Big Star Systems, it does not take us months to get your application done with an astonishing user experience because we have a team of seasoned and experienced developers who are ready to work as part of your team for a fast delivery. Big Star Systems delivers amazing applications at affordable prices aimed at taking your business to the next level and reaching more customers to increase your profit margin. Our experience in this business is second to none as our works speak for us with testimonies pouring in from our existing customers who are bent on spreading the gospel of our good works as a compensation for a job well done. With Vast Experience Over the Years, we build the type of applications that are not only stunning in design but applications/systems that have a great User Experience and can ultimately increase your Bottom Line. Wouldn’t you give us an opportunity to turn your business around to doing what we are good at?

Major Services and features offered by Big Star Systems.

Custom Development

Our team can develop a customized application for your business using a variety of technologies.  Learn More… 


We offer various ways of getting you a state-of-the-art website.  We can produce a website with WordPress (popular Content Management System) or a fully customized website using Full-Stack technologies.  Learn More

Systems Integration

Whatever your needs are to integrate an application or system to your current systems.  Learn More…

Mobile Apps

We have apps for Restaurants, Hotels, Professional Offices, Retail, and eCommerce.  Learn More…

CRM Development

Do you need CRM development of new features or customization of current features?  Learn More…


Need someone to provide advice and insight as to what technology is best suited to accomplish your goals?  Our consultants have decades of experience to assist you in your journey and enterprise.  Learn More…

Custom Development

We can create an application that suits your needs using various technologies such as:

VB.Net, C#, MS SQL, Oracle, Visual Studio, and many others

If you have a need that a store-bought software can’t do or it won’t do it the way you need it, our developers will custom make a program just for your business.  An NDA will be signed ensuring your intellectual property remains yours and yours alone.

We can also develop applications that will run in older systems so that you are not forced to spend capital in updating equipment when it is not necessary.


Systems Integration

Our team can assist you with the integration of whichever system you need to integrate into your current systems.  An example of such integration would be adding a help desk system to your infrastructure, or implementing an email server into your infrastructure.

With the correct systems Integration, your company will be able to increase profitability as well as eliminate most growing-pains related issues.  Our experts are trained in finding the best solutions available in the market.


CRM Development

Our specialty is CRM systems.  We can both develop a CRM customized just for you, or we can install and fine-tune a CRM System tailored for your organization.  Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) is often misunderstood and its benefits are often overlooked.  But an organization with a well-oiled CRM is able to maximize its profits as well as improve customer retention.   The following are systems in which we have vast experience with and can assist you immediately:

MS Dynamics CRM, Clarify CRM, Sugar CRM, Suite CRM, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Goldmine

Let us show you why we are the leaders in the development and implementation of CRM systems

Wordpress / Websites

If you need experts to create your WordPress based website, we are the ones you need.  Our designers and webmasters can create just the perfect website for you in either WordPress or by hand-coding HTML5 and other state-of-the-art web technologies.  We offer Full-Stack development as well as just tweaking your existing site to ensure it is compliant with all the latest regulations and standards.

Your company will have a state-of-the-art website when Big Star Systems develops it as well as you will enjoy our excellent support when you want tot to make updates and/or additions.

Mobile Apps

We offer you an opportunity to reach more clientele via a Mobile App.  Over 80% of consumers search for products via their mobile devices.  Think of how many customers you are missing out on by not having your own Mobile Application.  Whether you need Android or iOS applications, we have you covered.  More than likely we have already developed an app similar to what you need which we can tweak and tailor to your needs passing on the savings to you.

 Make sure we develop your mobile app to fully enjoy the varied benefits that a business gains when implementing a Mobile App to their arsenal of tools to reach your clients.



As a business owner or manager, you are required to perform a lot of duties and to know many different disciplines.  But you don’t have the time or energy to do them all, and that’s where we come in.  We can provide you with our vast experience and knowledge to help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, as well as fast-tracking your very important project.

We have consulted many businesses which included Fortune 500 companies as well as mom-and-pop shops in the Oil Industry, Technology, Telecommunications, Defense, Travel, Hospitality, and many others.  Our consultants have handled everything in a cradle-to-grave fashion and most times we come in under budget and ahead of time. 


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